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Cops won’t always have the luxury of having access to bathroom facilities as their assignments and districts will vary. If they are assigned to one geographical area for an unspecified amount of time, one of the first things they will probably do is find a “go-to” bathroom; this can be in a gas station, a hotel, or other business establishments nearby. However, not all cops have that luxury, particularly if they need to be always on the move, or if they are assigned in a remote area.

Although some male officers may be able to urinate outside, they know they shouldn’t because it’s against the law. Because the police are enforcers of the law, it’s even more important that they should uphold and model it. Urinating or defecating in public is classified as a public nuisance or disorderly conduct which can come with hefty fines or even incarceration.

Female officers do encounter more challenges when it comes to bathroom needs compared to their male counterparts, and they will need enough space to squat or preferably sit.

The Benefits of Storing a Pop-up Tent, Portable Commode, and Waste Bags in the Trunk 

The Brief Relief Lavatory System comes complete with a Privacy Shelter and a Porta-Quick Medium Pack. The Porta-Quick Medium Pack includes a commode, full-sized seat, and enough waste bags to last two police officers five days. Once their supply of waste bags run out, they can order more. Waste Bag is an industry standard term that stands for ‘Waste Alleviation and Gelling’ Bag.

Brief Relief has two types of waste bag; one designed for urine only and another for both liquid and solid wastes. The Brief Relief Liquid Bag has a wide opening with a semi-rigid rim which makes it easy-to-use by both male and female officers. It can absorb a full 20 ounces of urine. The Disposa-John Portable Restroom, on the other hand, is the Brief Relief waste bag designed with a triple barrier bag and liner for liquid and solid waste. They are odor-free, puncture-resistant, and spill-proof.

The whole lavatory system only weighs 18 lbs, making it easy to store in the patrol car’s trunk. The privacy tent sets up in a snap anywhere. For comfort, the commode is the height of a regular toilet and comes with a full-sized seat. If you want a comfortable seat that closes, the Brief Relief snap-on toilet is made of rugged HDPW plastic and is designed to snap on top of the commode.

The waste bag is inserted to line the commode during use. The waste-activated gel starts working on converting the urine or feces into a deodorized gel the moment the wastes hit the inside of the bag. These polymers and enzymes are Brief Relief’s unique blend, which is non-toxic, making the waste bags landfill safe. After use, they can be disposed of in any regular trash receptacle.

For added sanitation and hygiene, each Brief Relief waste bag comes with ample toilet paper and antimicrobial wipe. Once used, you can throw them into the bag before sealing it shut and setting it aside until you can find a proper disposal site.

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