A great company knows that to put its customers first they have to have a happy workforce. But how much does it cost for your workers to have their 5 to 10 minutes of relief? And how can you minimize that amount without sacrificing your worker’s performance, morale, and happiness?

Going to the bathroom can be a brief moment of relief for any worker. That 5-10 minutes of privacy is essential and necessary to everyone when you are trying to maintain morale on the job. But most companies do not have the luxury of having a bathroom that is close to the worksite or even one at all.

Workers in the communications industry can climb hundreds of feet each day to inspect tower exteriors, repair equipment, collect data, and perform routine maintenance. For workers who are installing the latest communications technology their work can be over 300-400 feet high, and the only way up is via a vertical metal ladder.

The climb is so demanding that they typically have platforms for workers to take a rest. Enough time is spent climbing up and down the towers all day. Now imagine adding the time lost by going up and down when a tech has to go to the bathroom. One interruption means descending to the ground to reach a porta-potty and climbing back up a few hundred feet.

While a free climb takes 10 minutes, it can be exhausting. Naturally, the descent is much more comfortable and can take as little as 5 minutes.

If a worker had to make a bathroom run three times a day, that’s an hour per day or 5 hours per week lost to restroom breaks. And if the average wage is $21.55 per hour, you’re losing approximately $5,172 a year due to toilet visits.

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So how can a manager lower costs and reduce these prices? First, making incentives to lower the time it takes to use the restroom is not the answer. This plan can lead to an OSHA violation. These can also lead to some negative public reactions that every company does not want.

Second, you want to make sure that their time using the restroom is very private, relaxing, and essentially their personal “me” time. They should have as much of an “at home” experience 400 feet in the air.

For these reasons, we have delivered a product that keeps all these needs in mind. The Brief Relief Liquid Waste Bag is not only safe and hygienic, but it also keeps your worker’s morale high and their performance up. Our spill-proof, leak-proof, odorless, ultra light-weight, compact, sturdy, portable, and biodegradable waste bags are perfect for your remote worker.

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