The U.S. and Canada experience thousands of wildfires each year. They cause millions of dollars worth of destruction as they blaze through forests, buildings, and homes, causing thousands of people to evacuate.

One of the most devastating forest fires in Canadian history is the Salmon Arm Fire of 1998; it burned through 6,000 hectares of land, forcing 7,000 people to leave their homes and seek safety. The U.S. has some similar history, with one of the worst forest fires in history being the 2003 San Diego Cedar Fire; 15,500 firefighters battled the blaze that ultimately destroyed 3,640 homes. It lasted five days and killed 24 people.

Most wildfires burn for days and especially vicious fires can wreak havoc for weeks. Because forest fires can be unpredictable, forest fire first responders can never tell when the call they’re on is going to end. Beyond controlling and suppressing the fire for days or weeks, firefighters also risk their lives to rescue trapped campers and hikers. They also tend to civilians who need medical treatment.

There’s no telling precisely how long firefighters will be out in the wilderness responding to emergencies and trying to put out the fire; therefore, firefighters prepare for long days and nights away from luxuries such as electricity and running toilets.

Portable Lavatory Systems Keep Firefighters Focused

By packing portable Waste Bags along with the rest of their gear, wildfire firefighters always have a bathroom at hand.

The Brief Relief Disposable Urinal Bag can be used by both male and female firefighters. It has a one-way valve to prevent accidents. Peeing in the bag is easy, and once the urine is inside, it converts into a deodorized gel the moment it hits the patented blend of non-toxic polymers and enzymes. Once you’re done, snap it closed and pack away in your bag. It’s also safe to discard in any trash bin.

For both liquid and solid waste, the Disposa-John Portable Restroom’s “bag-in-bag” design and multiple closures that seal in the wastes and odor. It contains enzymes and polymers similar to the Urinal Bag and also turns your wastes into a deodorized gel.

When firefighters have portable Waste Bags on hand, they can concentrate on fighting fires, saving lives, providing assistance, and treating the injured. There’s no worrying about when they will have access to a running toilet again.

With Brief Relief Waste Bags, there’s no need to “hold it.” And there’s no excuse to go behind a tree or bush. After all, firefighters work hard to protect the community and the environment. Peeing or pooping in the wilderness harms nature as it spreads viruses and disease; therefore, defecating in the great outdoors and not packing it out would go against everything they stand for.

Check out our portable Waste Bags to find out how Brief Relief can benefit forest fire first responders.