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Whether you’re a foreman, a lineman, or a technician, work in the telecom utility industry can mean long hours stuck in traffic, drives to construction sites, and repair to the lines at locations in the utility services.

From installing new cables to transferring poles to hanging cables, the job can mean long, laborious hours. Beyond going onsite to work with clients to plan installations, you probably also likely provide 24/7 emergency response support.

Because of the job’s demands and requirements, a job as a telecom utility worker means working in all sorts of environments that can take you away from everyday comforts like running toilets.

How a Portable Commode and Waste Bags Provide Safe and Sanitary Bathroom Facilities

Imagine if work had to stop each time a member of the crew had to leave the work site to find a bathroom facility. Much time and money are lost on multiple bathroom breaks, especially if reaching an acceptable toilet requires traveling.

The realities of a job in utilities are that it can take you away from many of the luxuries we take for granted. By storing a portable lavatory system in your truck, you will always have a safe and sanitary bathroom facility within reach. It will minimize the time lost to work stoppage and the decrease in productivity from consistently taking breaks. And, it can also help workers focus on their jobs and not worry about finding a toilet.

When telecom utility workers are on-location and do not have access to a running toilet, a privacy tent, portable commode, and waste bags are all they need when an urgency to pee or poop arises. Waste Bag is an industry standard term that stands for ‘Waste Alleviation and Gelling’ Bag.

The Brief Relief Lavatory System comes with a Privacy Shelter and a Porta-Quick Medium Pack which includes a Commode, full-sized seat, and supply of Disposa-John waste bags. The Privacy Shelter provides complete personal privacy at any worksite; it comes in a carry case and sets up and folds away in minutes. It is also water repellant, non-conductive, and fire retardant, meeting CPAI-84 standards.

Once the privacy shelter is set up, you can place the commode inside and line it with a Disposa-John waste bag. The Disposa-John handles both liquid and solid wastes, converting them into a deodorized gel. When you’re done, remove the waste bag and seal it closed. Because Brief Relief waste bags are non-toxic and landfill-safe, you can throw them away in any regular trash can. They’re also odor-free and therefore, not a nuisance to carry with you or in the truck until you can locate a proper disposal site.

Brief Relief’s patented bags come with safe chemicals that treat waste. Brief Relief also offers portable commodes and privacy shelters, providing employees with a private bathroom that can easily pop up and be taken down wherever they need it.

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