First responders have to move quickly to reach areas most impacted by a tornado and to transfer survivors whose homes are uninhabitable to shelters. Response teams will typically hand out blankets and basic disaster supply kits to civilians; they will also likely carry the same essentials for themselves, as they won’t know for sure how long they will be on call. These kits typically include water, non-perishable food, and a first aid kit. 

Understandably, food, water, first aid, and shelter are the main concerns in times of calamity. However, these are not the only basic human needs. At some point, every person will need to go to the bathroom to let go of their body’s wastes. Holding in the urge to urinate or defecate for extended periods can expose your body to harmful bacteria and increase your risk of infection. 

Even more so, tornado events are unprecedented and destructive, leaving roads inaccessible due to debris and fallen trees. Water utilities will be shut down to avoid contamination of water sources. Even if the tornado doesn’t destroy power lines, electricity will likely be turned off to prevent the risk of fire or electrocution. 

No electricity means having to find bathrooms in the dark at night. Blocked roads leave rescuers with no choice but to search for survivors on foot. No water supply means no running toilets.

Waste Bags for All First Responders 

Whether you are a firefighter rescuing trapped victims, law enforcement controlling the crowds, or EMS treating and transporting victims, being a first responder in the wake of a tornado could mean long hours on call. At some point, you will need to use the bathroom and relieve yourself, so you can continue providing civilians with the care and guidance they need. 

Spending too much time searching for a regular bathroom can impact the speed at which you conduct search and rescue operations or deliver medical attention to areas that need it most. Holding it in will only distract you from the critical job of ensuring survivors are rescued, treated, and transported to shelters. 

By including waste bags in emergency preparedness kits and first responder gear, everyone impacted by the tornado, including first responders, will have a sanitary and portable solution for their bathroom needs. Waste Bags use specialized gelling technology to create unique waste alleviating solution.

Brief Relief offers first responders and the civilians they assist with a sanitary, convenient, and portable bathroom solution. 

Brief Relief waste bags are puncture-resistant, odor-free, and spill-proof triple barrier bags for human waste. They contain a sophisticated blend of polymers and enzymes that break down and convert wastes into a deodorized gel. All Brief Relief waste bags are made with non-toxic materials that make them landfill-safe and therefore, safe enough to throw away in a regular trash receptacle. 

As a first responder in the aftermath of a tornado, waste bags will allow you to stay focused and save you precious time that could mean the difference between life or death.

For more on how Brief Relief helps first responders and civilians in times of calamity, check out our line of waste bags and commodes.