Bathroom Breaks Costing
You Time & Money?

Time, gas, leaving the job site, potential accidents.

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Brief Relief is Perfect For:

  • Utilities

    Electric, gas, communications, solar power, wind energy, water, and sewer companies. Whether installing new infrastructure, repairing old or laying pipe in a remote area, your workers can always have a portable restroom at hand.

  • Drivers

    Ever see that sign “Last restroom for 46 miles”? Brief Relief waste bags can be kept in a glove box, and the rest of the equipment doesn’t take up much space either.

  • Police, First Aid and Fire

    Emergencies happen all the time. That’s the line of work you’re in. And you can never tell when the call you’re on is going to end. Carrying a Brief Relief portable restroom will reduce downtime to keep you focused on what matters most, saving lives.

  • Outdoor Professions

    Miners, forestry workers, and anyone else who spends long hours in the great outdoors should always have our liquid waste bags on hand since bathrooms probably aren’t nearby.

  • Construction

    Whether 43 floors up or deep in a basement, when nature calls, you have to answer. Instead of stopping work for an hour or more in order to find a proper restroom, why not carry one our portable restroom kits with you?

  • Military and Aviation

    Few spend longer times out in the field than the military. For long deployments and long flights, take our portable bathroom solutions with you so finding a bathroom is one less thing you have to worry about.

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Keeping Employees Healthy, Safe, and Productive

About Brief Relief

Today we estimate over 20,000 utilities workers trust Brief Relief products as part of they daily routine while in the field.

The story of Brief Relief started 32 years ago when Cal OSHA declared that urinating in manholes was an unacceptable practice. From that point to now, the company proudly partners with over 300 companies from small municipalities to fortune 100 IOU’s Cable and Telecom organizations.

Brief Relief and its parent company, American Innotek, pride itself as the thought leader in Personal Waste Management with the corner stone of all we do keeping employees healthy, safe and productive.

Today, we continue to invest in the idea that all mobile workers deserve a comfortable work environment regardless if they’re in an office or in the field.

Thank you, if you are a customer with us today or a prospect, please consider providing your organization with Brief Relief products.