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Movers and Packers: The Benefits of Carrying Portable Lavatory Systems on the Job


A career as a mover means spending long hours packing clients’ goods, valuables, and belongings. It means a lot of unpacking, loading, and unloading. Depending on how much stuff the client needs to move, movers could be on the job a full day and back again the next.

Moving services also involve driving from one location to another. The trip from a customer’s old house to their new apartment could be anywhere from a few minutes to hours. If the client is moving states, movers may find themselves driving cross-country and on the road for days.

Whether it’s a short-distance or long-distance move, a single job can take hours or days. Therefore, it’s not surprising that movers will at some point seek facilities to relieve themselves.

But what happens if the homeowner won’t allow the moving crew to use their bathroom? What if there’s no running toilet on-site? What if the next rest stop is miles away and you can no longer wait?


Why Professional Movers Should Always Carry Personal Waste Bags

When people hire professional movers, there’s nothing in their contract that obliges them to allow the movers to use their bathrooms. Just as movers should never expect a tip, they also shouldn’t assume a client’s facilities are available for their use. Therefore, the absence of a working bathroom is something that experienced movers always prepare for.

Instead of demanding to use the clients’ facilities or practicing open defecation, which could get you in trouble with the law, movers can turn to a solution that even the military and first responders rely on – portable lavatory systems or personal Waste Bags. In the absence of a running toilet or one that’s hygienically acceptable, personal Waste Bags give movers an easy-to-use and sanitary option.

Movers should always keep wag bags in the vehicle’s glove compartment. When the need for one arises, they’re conveniently within reach. Brief Relief’s personal Waste Bags are safe, clean and easy to use. You simply open the bag, pull out the toilet paper and antimicrobial wipes, take aim at the polymers and enzymes inside, and do your business.

Thanks to the blend of nontoxic polymers and enzymes, solid and liquid wastes break down and convert into a deodorized gel. Once you’re done, you can throw the used toilet paper and wipes in the bag, seal it shut, roll it up, and throw it away in the nearest trash can.

As a professional moving company, you may want to consider equipping each moving truck with a Brief Relief Lavatory System; it comes with a portable tent where your people can use a personal Waste Bag in private. Brief Relief’s personal Waste Bags also work with commodes which are the size of a standard bucket, making them easy to store in the moving truck and ensuring they’re available anytime your moving team needs them.


Check out our personal Waste Bags, commodes, and privacy tents to see how Brief Relief can enhance the quality of work for movers and packers.