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No one likes using a Porta Potty. However, for the many industries that rely on remote workers (like construction, gas, utilities, or even telecom), Porta Potties seem to be the only option. It feels like outdoor workers are destined to spend every day relieving themselves in an oversized, smelly plastic box. 

But you might be surprised to learn that Porta Potties aren’t just unpleasant. (We all know the torture of locking ourselves into one on a hot summer’s day.) They’re also not all they’re cracked up to be from an operational standpoint.

Porta Potties are not only gross, they are:

  • Less portable than the name implies
  • Less safe and sanitary 
  • More expensive than other options on the market 

Allow us to introduce the option remote workers will thank you for — the portable commode.


What’s a Portable Commode?

Great question! In short, portable commodes are easy-to-transport, lightweight systems usually consisting of a privacy tent, receptacle, and toilet seat. 

You have your pick of a bucket-style commode (used with a seat) or a briefcase-style option that collapses and folds up in seconds. (We like to think of this as the “James Bond Option.” Even he had to go sometimes, and like Mr. Bond, this thing is sleek, stylish, and capable of preventing unpleasant, international incidents.) 

Both of these options can be covered by lightweight, well-ventilated privacy tents and other nifty accessories.

But what really makes them a preferable alternative to a Porta Potty is that they’re used in conjunction with a Waste Bag.

Brief Relief’s Disposa-John Waste Bag is your secret weapon in the fight to keep outdoor work civilized and protect the dignity of your team. 

These waste bags are a convenient, portable, and sanitary solution for outdoor relief. 

  • Each bag is filled with a powder that gels and solidifies waste.
  • The powder also acts as a decay catalyst, using natural enzymes to break down waste and neutralize bacteria and odor.
  • And unlike Porta Potties, each bag can be sealed up tight and safely disposed of in any trash can after use! All of our bags are landfill-safe.

In other words, portable commodes are less smelly to begin with and freshly renewed every day. 

Still need more convincing? 

Here are three reasons why portable commodes are the superior choice when it comes to portable toilet solutions.


Support Outdoor Workers Anywhere They Need to Go!

In order to maintain OSHA compliance, companies must provide readily available access to restroom services. More specifically, a restroom must be located less than 10 minutes away from the site.

Porta Potties are often the go to on-site, portable restroom option but they aren’t actually always the best solution. They need large trucks to be delivered and have to be set up on level ground, leaving many work areas out of the question. 

In contrast, portable commodes are extremely versatile, and they’re designed for sturdiness on the most uneven terrain. The freedom to simply set up a tent and place a bucket or folding briefcase toilet inside means your site stays compliant no matter what kind of terrain your team is on.

Portable commodes are lightweight and small enough to toss into any crew’s vehicle. All of the gear is easy to carry far beyond the vehicle to the work site. You can set up a fully-functional restroom anywhere you need in seconds. 

And we mean anywhere. Climbing Mount Everest? We’ve got you covered. (That’s not an exaggeration, by the way. It really happened! Check out our testimonials page!) 


Provide the Most Sanitary Option for Remote Teams

It’s no secret that Porta Potties are just plain icky, and the impact of that unpleasantness keeps compounding thanks to the “Get Me the Hell Out of Here!” Effect. 

People are in such a hurry to get in and get out, they get careless with their aim and leave unspeakable toilet paper messes on the floor. These things are basically smelly, soggy closets not an ideal environment for the crew.

With portable commodes, there’s no mess, no spillage, and no smell. The polymers and enzymes in the WAG® Bag turn the wastes into a deodorized gel, eliminating any residual smell. 

Also, each Disposa-John waste bag even comes with ample toilet paper and sanitary wipes.


Save Money with Your Porta Potty Alternative

On average, it costs around $100 per day to rent a single Porta Potty. That’s without any extras like mirrors, purse shelves, or hand sanitizers. It easily costs thousands of dollars to provide restrooms for your crew over the course of a project. 

Instead, the Brief Relief Lavatory System can be purchased for less than $300! It comes with a privacy tent, a commode with a full-sized seat, and enough supplies to meet the needs of ten people for one day. The tent and commode last for years when cared for properly, and replacement supplies are around $200 for a pack of 50 single use bags.

You also save time on bathroom breaks themselves. Instead of your team having to walk a long way to a stationary Porta Potty or drive to a nearby facility, their bathroom is right there on site, making it easy to use and get back to work quickly. 

There are other “costs” being saved here as well. The cost to your reputation and brand is high when a remote worker is caught relieving themselves outdoors. The costs of legal action from employees who find their privacy or health compromised by a lack of proper facilities is also worth considering. 


Portable Commodes Are the Obvious Choice for Remote Teams

It’s pretty clear that portable commodes are the cleaner, simpler, and more cost-effective solution to keep your remote team happy and healthy.

We should know. Years of research went into developing the safety, reliability, and durability of our Disposa-John system

Brief Relief products have a near-perfect satisfaction rate. We’re an industry leader in safe, convenient products that manage waste in a dignified, reliable, and environmentally-friendly way.

Our solutions provide the most sanitary, portable lavatory solutions for outdoor workers. No matter where work takes you, Brief Relief goes where you go. Find everything you need in our full portable commode line here.