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”I am a United States Army National Guard pilot serving in Afghanistan on a one I fly 4 to 6 hour combat missions nightly and our aircraft, the Beech King Air 300 series, toilets have been removed to allow space for additional mission critical sensor equipment. This presents the air crews with regular physiological challenges. But because of your creative product, the “BriefRelief” bag, I and my crews are able to hydrate normally before and during the long endurance flights. Often times we have mixed gender crews onboard a cramped aircraft cabin, so the privacy designed into the product is also very discreet and accommodating. I have attached a picture of two happy crew members next to their airplane after completing another 6 hour combat mission over the skies of Afghanistan. Thank you for the creative work and thought that went into this product. Because of it, our crews are healthier and happier, and our aircraft are able to pack more sophisticated sensor equipment in an already cramped space that is used to keep our troops safer on the ground. Thanks again,”