You’re Working Long Hours to Protect Our Country

Let finding a proper bathroom be one less thing to worry about

Coast Guard being air lifted out of the water

Military men and women face strenuous conditions on the ground over a long deployment or in the air transporting soldiers and/or supplies for their fellow comrades.  We know that situations in the air and on the ground can be less than ideal, especially if the urge to urinate comes calling. Rather than ignore the call of nature, service men and women should always find a safe, healthy way to relieve themselves. If they don’t, the distraction and discomfort may be enough to keep them from performing their jobs effectively, which can cause lapses in judgment and loss of focus.

The solution: Have them pack portable waste bags from Brief Relief with the rest of their gear. Brief Relief’s portable waste bags and privacy shelters can be used in the campsite or while flying. The waste bags are lined with polymers and enzymes that break down the waste to its most basic composition, allowing them to be thrown away in any trash receptacle!

Brief Relief is Made for the Military

When service men and women can’t get to a bathroom, they need a safe and sanitary alternative. Why not provide them with one they can carry with them anywhere they are located? Brief Relief provides small on-the-go restroom solutions that easily can go on any work truck or in a glove box.

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“This past weekend we had our Joint Ministry Training, and it was a successful event. As I passed out your samples, I got a lot of chuckles. I guess no matter how old we get, potty humor is still funny! Even though it got chuckles, my people agreed that it’s a good product!”

– Major G.W., U.S. Army