Innovative Lavatory Solutions For Outdoor Professions

For Miners, forestry workers and anyone else who spends long hours in the great outdoors.

Project Manager checking his clipboard on an outdoor job site

Working in the outdoors typically involves constantly being on the go, jumping from place to place in a national park or mine tunnel. However, no matter where you are in nature, it’s always calling. Sometimes, it calls at the most inconvenient times.

When workers can’t get to a bathroom, they need a safe and sanitary alternative. Why not provide them with one they can carry with them anywhere they work? Our patented bags come with safe polymers and enzymes that treat waste. Also available are portable commodes and privacy shelters. Instead of every bathroom break costing time and money, you can make every job more efficient. A bathroom is wherever you need it to be.

Brief Relief For Outdoor Professions

Brief Relief provides small on-the-go restroom solutions that easily can go on any work truck or in a glove box – keeping crews in the field and not out wasting time searching for a bathroom.

These on-the-go restrooms, also known as Portable Waste Bags, are a portable, sanitary, and environmentally friendly toilet solution that includes absorbent polymers and enzymes. These polymers and enzymes, also known as Waste Activation Gel, absorbs and solidifies both liquid & solid waste. Basically, your pee and poop is breaks down to get rid of all the chemicals that it has so you can simply throw it away!

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Park ranger overlooking a vista at a national park

“I feel Brief Relief is the answer for our members to have an environmentally safe and sanitary means to relieve themselves. Every person has been faced with the situation of having need for a restroom with either the facilities at great distance or else not clean enough to feel comfortable. Your products take care of those problems for both male and female. It also solves the possible exposure problems since it is easily usable within the privacy of a vehicle.”

– President, Local 127, San Diego Area Municipal Employees Union(IBEW)