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Why Commercial Airlines Should Offer Portable Waste Bags to Passengers on Flights


People prone to airsickness are all too familiar with the barf bags found in the seat back pouch in front of them. After stowing their luggage away in the overhead compartment, sitting down, and securing their seatbelts, those plastic-lined baggies for vomit are probably the first thing they look for.

We don’t know why some people experience motion sickness while others don’t. Air sickness often hits people hardest during take-off, descent, and turbulence. They may feel woozy, sweaty, and queasiness in their stomachs. Nausea they experience is caused by repeated motions that cause conflict among the senses, resulting in dizziness that leads to vomiting. Just before they throw up, they may feel an overproduction of saliva in their mouth.

Knowing the science behind why you vomit when you experience air sickness may not stop you from throwing up; however, it does explain why commercial airlines are so keen on keeping puke out of sight and well-contained.

The reason your mouth starts to fill with saliva is that your body is preparing to purge all its contents; this includes undigested food and bile acids – the combination of all those stomach juices result in a smell so unpleasant it’s enough to cause a chain reaction that induces other passengers to start throwing up too.

Therefore, commercial airlines equip passengers with air sickness bags for everyone’s sake. It’s not just to save the passenger from the embarrassment of throwing up all over themselves or worse, in the aisle or on the person next to them. Vomit bags catch your puke, minimizing the spread of that pungent smell.

However, anyone who has been on a plane next to someone who has thrown up in one of those airline-issued air sickness bags will tell you that the smell still lingers.


Improving Flight Experiences with Portable Waste Bags

The reality is that barf bags aren’t as effective as they should be because they’re made with nothing more than plastic-lined paper. They’re not leak- or spill-proof. You can even still hear the vomit sloshing around in there. Our personal Waste Bags, on the other hand, are durable waste bag systems that are puncture-resistant.

Brief Relief personal Waste Bags boast a triple-layer barrier bag design that contains a patented blend of polymers and enzymes that convert wastes, including vomit, into a deodorized gel. Our personal Waste Bags are approved for disposal in any garbage container, including the one you can find in the airplane’s lavatory.

The moment vomit hits the nontoxic polymers and enzymes inside the personal Waste Bag, it breaks down immediately and converts into a deodorized gel. Each Brief Relief personal Waste Bag even comes with toilet paper and antimicrobial wipes you can use to clean yourself with afterward. And unlike conventional vomit bags, Brief Relief personal Waste Bags are impact-resistance and survive drops from high heights.


An uneasy stomach on a long flight can be an unpleasant experience for all passengers, check out our personal Waste Bags to see how Brief Relief can help commercial airlines.