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Alternative Energy

A clean restroom is just a few steps away for many of us. For those who work in alternative energy, it’s not that easy.

Why? Because they’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. Considering the average person has to go three times a day, that’s a lot of coming and going.

An average bag or an empty water bottle harms the environment. Human waste turns into a biohazard and bags and bottles end up in a landfill.

To solve these issues, we’ve developed sanitary, portable bathroom solutions made specially for the clean energy sector. Our urinal bags solidify and turn liquid waste into a solid for a comfortable feel and easy disposal.

As a clean expert, you need relief. Brief Relief provides convenient, portable restroom solutions to keep your team safe, healthy, and productive. Explore how our products work for you and your crew. 

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Environmentally-Friendly Features That Go The Distance.

Protection and Durability

Triple-barrier, puncture-resistant waste bags are leakproof and odor free.

Scientific Solution

Patented powder of polymers and enzymes breaks down solids and liquids into a gel.

Safe and Sanitary

Toilet paper and antimicrobial wipes provide a sanitary experience.


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Yes. Waste bags are approved for all landfills and easily disposable.

No. Waste bags have a protective triple-barrier and are puncture-resistant, making them leakproof and odor free.

Yes. The powder blend works best in the range of -40° – 120° Fahrenheit.

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