Innovative Workplace Solutions

Simply put – if you have outdoor work crews, you need to supply them with Brief Relief products to help keep them safe, healthy and productive.

Brief Relief provides small on-the-go restroom solutions that easily can go on any work truck or in a glove box – keeping crews in the field and not out wasting time searching for a bathroom.

The Fluid Tactical hydration drink mix gives you exactly what you lose in sweat and helps reduce the risk of dehydration.

Heat Relief cooling towels help keep people comfortable and productive in the blazing heat.

7 Step Implementation Training

This is designed to assist you with the process of implementing our Brief Relief™ line of disposable, portable lavatory systems. With input from organizations such as yours, we have outlined for you what we feel to be the 7 key steps to a successful product implementation. We have added helpful suggestions as to who should be involved and why. Be sure to utilize important documentation such as State and Provincial Environmental approval letters, samples of introductory memos, technical bulletins and payroll stuffers during your implementation.


1. Management Endorsement/Announcement

Implementation should begin with a letter/bulletin/memo from management that announces the reason why the products were approved and their importance to operations. These bulletins are best if they come from someone in a senior Operations role, secondly from someone in Health & Safety. Additional endorsements may also come from your companies Human Resources and Environmental departments. At the very least some mention of the environmental and personal benefits should be made in the memo.

Other procedures that will need to be considered are product standardization and material coding.


2. Union Endorsement

A simple statement that recognizes the value of Brief Relief to the membership with the disclaimer that its use is not intended to replace scheduled rest breaks. We can assist you in introducing the products to the Union membership and educating them on the benefits the products offer.


3. Corporate Policy Statement

A directive from HR that reinforces management’s endorsement by establishing a policy for outside work crews “when faced with the need to relieve oneself in situations where no restrooms are available on the work site, employees should close and secure the work site to find nearby facilities, but if these are not available or if leaving the site is not feasible, employees should make use of the disposable lavatory bags provided by the company”.


4. Brief Relief™ included on the Safety Check List

Without Brief Relief™ readily available when these situations arise, employees are required to either leave the job site (not always possible) or make a bad decision (hold it, use a cup or a can and empty it in the street, or use the great outdoors). Brief Relief™ should be on the Safety Checklist, just in case it’s needed.

Each vehicle used for outside work crews should have a couple of Brief Relief™ in the glove box for easy access.


5. Safety Meeting/Tailgates

This critical element in the process is designed to introduce the product and the corporate policy regarding the issue of relieving oneself on the job site when no other facilities are available.

Emphasis must be made regarding the following:

  • The use of Brief Relief™ is to be used in situations where restroom facilities are not readily available.
  • The best solution (and your company policy) is to leave the work site and find nearby facilities.
  • The health and safety hazards, environmental impacts, legal issues arising from indecent exposure and negative corporate image concerns that result from the old habits of dealing with this issue.

A demonstration of the gel process is also required to inform users that Brief Relief™ is more that just a “bag of urine” but rather a safe and sanitary containment pouch that protects the worker’s (and the environment) health and safety.


6. Safety/Policy Reminders

As with safety glasses, hard hats, seat belts and other items of employee safety, it is important that reminders of using products are posted in the work area. The posters and stickers that we provide are designed to reinforce using Brief Relief™ as the positive alternative.


7. Store Room Supervisor/Line Supervisor Support

A key to creating a lasting habit of using Brief Relief™ as an alternative to other less acceptable solutions is to have the store room supervisor occasionally ask the crews if they have Brief Relief™ on their vehicle and if not to pass it out. Especially during the first 6 months after introduction, it is important that line supervisors take the time to mention Brief Relief™, the issue and the company policy every 4 to 6 weeks at routine tailgates or safety meetings.

See how much that bathroom break is costing you.

Annual Savings Worksheet

Posters and Stickers – Your employees will get a kick out of Mr. Peebody:

Not Between the Bin Door – 8″ X 8″ Poster
Not Between the Bin Door – 4″ X 4″ Sticker

Sample Memos

Sample Employee Memo: Choices When Nature Calls
Sample Employee Memo: Holding It Can Be Hazardous
Sample Employee Memo: Introduction of Brief Relief Products

Sample Technical Bulletin:

Sample Technical Bulletin

Product Data Sheets:

BR Product Line
BR500 Data Sheet
BR549 Data Sheet
BR608 Data Sheet
BR640 Data Sheet
BR901 Data Sheet
PQ2000 Data Sheet
TowTabs Data Sheet
BR Riser Data Sheet

Product SDS Sheets:

BR608 SDS Sheet
BR500 SDS Sheet
BR901 SDS Sheet
Porta-Quick Portable Restroom Kit SDS Sheet
Flight Extender II SDS Sheet

Disposal Approvals:

You may require a copy of a disposal approval letter to be on file with your Safety, Human Resources or Environmental department. Samples of approvals are listed below. If your State is not listed, please call us to get a copy for your State.

New York

BR-testI am a United States Army National Guard pilot serving in Afghanistan on a one I fly 4 to 6 hour combat missions nightly and our aircraft, the Beech King Air 300 series, toilets have been removed to allow space for additional mission critical sensor equipment. This presents the air crews with regular physiological challenges. But because of your creative product, the “BriefRelief” bag, I and my crews are able to hydrate normally before and during the long endurance flights. Often times we have mixed gender crews onboard a cramped aircraft cabin, so the privacy designed into the product is also very discreet and accommodating. I have attached a picture of two happy crew members next to their airplane after completing another 6 hour combat mission over the skies of Afghanistan. Thank you for the creative work and thought that went into this product. Because of it, our crews are healthier and happier, and our aircraft are able to pack more sophisticated sensor equipment in an already cramped space that is used to keep our troops safer on the ground. Thanks again,

-CW3 Bill Sutherland

“I am writing you today, on behalf of the 1998 Everest Environmental Expedition, to tell you that once again your Brief Relief Field Lavatory Systems performed without fail on our recent expedition. We used the systems at Base Camp at 17,600 feet and at Camp 2 at 21,300 feet, where the conditions ranged from freezing temperatures to scorching sun, and driving snow and wind. Similar to our expedition on Cho Oyu last year, the systems and the tents that enclosed them proved to be hassle free and were quite comfortable. The systems definitely received some serious use and abuse. With the combination of climbers, base camp personnel, Sherpas, and trekkers, we had a total of 450 kilograms (that’s almost 1,000 pounds!) of human waste that was collected and treated. Occasionally members of other expeditions would use the system and comment on how jealous they were that they did not have something similar. One of the biggest problems on Everest is the amount of human waste littering the mountain and thanks to your system our expedition was able to easily, safely, and cleanly remove all of our waste from the mountain and help us stick to our goal of “leaving no trace”. Your Field Lavatory System was an integral part of our environmental plan for the expedition. We all look forward to future expeditions with Brief Relief Field Lavatory System.”

– Base Camp Manager, Everest Environmental Expedition

“It would be a very practical idea to have a supply of your product on hand at the various Postal facilities. This would be especially important during emergency situations as we have experienced in the Northridge earthquake.”

– President, National Association of Letter Carriers

“Your “Brief Relief” and other similar products appear to be excellent alternatives when faced with situations where restrooms or portable facilities are not available. I would recommend the use of “Brief Relief” as an alternative or for emergency situations.”

– Business Manager, Local Union 1245 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

“After careful consideration of the “Brief Relief” disposable urinal bag I would agree that this is an excellent alternative to all other means to relieve oneself. Our membership, in the past, has been faced with situations when restroom or portable facilities were not available and the only alternative has been to use cans, bottles or the great outdoors where sanitation and legal issues abound.”

– President, Local 9588 Communications Workers of America

Back in September you kindly sent stickers and samples of Brief Relief. This past weekend we had our Joint Ministry Training, and it was a successful event. As expected, we had Air and Army ministry teams from nearby Rocky Mountain states.

As I passed out your samples, I got a lot of chuckles. I guess no matter how old we get, potty humor is still funny! As we discussed some of the reasons why products of this sort matter, I reminded a bunch of us who have been around a few years that we aren’t the same military we were even just a few years ago. With women being more and more visible in our ranks, that visibility means we can’t just step to the back of our Humvee to relieve ourselves. We now have to act like we have a bit of civility even in the field. Even though it got chuckles, my people agreed that it’s a good product!

I was planning to send this email anyway, but coincidentally one of my chaplains started texting me about an hour ago. There was a major car crash on I-15 and the freeway was closed for about 2 hours. He happened to mention that he didn’t expect to use Brief Relief, but after being stuck in what turned into a parking lot, after his bladder “reached the size of Alaska” he remembered he had the sample in his car, largely forgotten since Sunday when I passed them out. He swears by the quality of your product!

Thanks again for your support!

– Major G.W., US Army

“I agree that the Brief Relief line of products provide an excellent alternative when regular restroom facilities are not available. Members are faced, on a daily basis, with having to use “make-shift” containers such as cups, bottles, or other unsanitary containers or have to “hold it” for some time while trying to find a clean and safe restroom. This can present long term health issues such as bladder infections and incontinence in later years.”

– Secretary/Treasurer, Teamsters Local No. 63

“The “Brief Relief” disposable urinal bag certainly fills the bill and is a more sanitary alternative to how this emergency situation is handled presently.”

– Business Representative, Teamsters Local No. 542

“I feel Brief Relief is the answer for our members to have an environmentally safe and sanitary means to relieve themselves. Every person has been faced with the situation of having need for a restroom with either the facilities at great distance or else not clean enough to feel comfortable. Your products take care of those problems for both male and female. It also solves the possible exposure problems since it is easily usable within the privacy of a vehicle.”

– President, Local 127, San Diego Area Municipal Employees Union

“These were recommended by my son who works for a utility company who supplies them. So much neater and better than the urinal I had for emergencies previously.”

– S. White