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There are plenty of reasons – image, legal and sanitary – why that’s a bad idea. Workers are liable to face criminal charges if they expose themselves outside. Organizations can harm their image if workers are caught going outside of designated areas. When nature calls, employees shouldn’t go into nature to take care of their business.

Our products should not be used in public without one of our portable shelters or a privacy screen.

Yes, women can use the Brief Relief products. They are made with everyone in mind.

Our products are made with reinforced bags to keep everything where it needs to be. If used properly, the user will not get anything where it doesn’t belong. The polymers and enzymes in the product are nontoxic and conform to OSHA and EPA regulations.

Yes. Brief Relief products can be thrown out in any garbage receptacle in any state or province.

No, instead they change the composition of both liquid and solid waste so that it becomes safe for disposal as regular trash. The purpose of the polymer component is to immediately contain and encapsulate the waste. The enzyme component ensures and accelerates the complete biological breakdown of the urine and stool to its most basic parts, thus allowing for safe disposal.

Unless the bag has been soiled on the outside, there is no risk in handling the bag. When properly used and sealed, it can’t leak. Inside, the gel is self-sealing, and the enzymes break down the waste into simple salts and water, neutralizing them.

The answer to this may be company-specific; and, your training department needs to identify appropriate company requirements and practices. Regardless, our Disposa-John is designed for safe disposal in any trash receptacle.

The powder blend works best in the range of -40° — 120° Fahrenheit.

Virtually unlimited. The U.S. military rated the shelf life of the product at 10 years plus! It is 95% active after 5 years of storage.

You can; however, the product is designed as a one-time, disposable unit.


During the product approval process, the bucket was tested at 300 pounds for 12 hours.

The Commode bucket is manufactured from industrial-grade polyethylene and has a thick wall to resist becoming brittle in extreme cold or soft in extreme heat. Buckets of this design are used to store and transport hazardous chemicals safely. The Commode seat is also manufactured from heavy-duty polyurethane in order to resist damage or degradation in the most extreme temperatures.

Privacy Shelters

Although it weighs only 7 lbs (3 kg), it is water repellent, non-conductive, and flame resistant— meeting CPAI-84 standards. To show how durable the tent is, six of the shelters were used by the Everest 98 Environmental Expedition. For four weeks at 18,500 feet, the shelters withstood below-freezing temperatures, intense winds and snowfall, yak stampedes, and intense radiation from the sun. The tent measures an impressive 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 7 ft.

No. The gray opaque fabric was particularly selected to ensure privacy even in full sunlight.


The products are currently being used by the top 100 utility companies in the U.S. and Canada, municipalities, construction companies, government agencies, and the U.S. and Canadian militaries. Large telecoms have been using Brief Relief products for at least twenty years. In 1989, one major telecom company asked us to invent the main product.

We’re happy to ship Brief Relief to Hawaii, Alaska, & Puerto Rico! If you need an order shipped to any of these states, please email us directly with your order and shipping address to You may also contact your regional sales representative.

Use our Savings Calculator to get an idea of how much you can save using Brief Relief. The calculator is based on the number of workers you have and the time it takes them to get to a proper restroom.