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The Bathroom Break Your Workers Deserve

From construction crews to first responders, we all need to take a load off. The closest restroom shouldn’t be 40 floors down or 40 miles away⎼ it should be right here, right now. Below are the industries we are proud to serve.

Alternative Energy

On a solar farm. In the air on a wind turbine. Wherever your crew is, we’ve got your backside


Whether setting up running power in a new facility or laying wire in a remote area, your workers should always have a bathroom at hand.

Police, First Aid & Fire

Emergencies happen all the time. Don’t let your public servants' emergency be number one or number two.


Whether it’s a traffic jam, weather event or a pit stop, drivers can’t afford any delays. Take a load off and keep relief in the glove box.

Outdoor Professions

When nature calls- miners, tree trimmers, lawn crews, and those who spend time in the great outdoors should always have a restroom handy.


Whether 43 floors up or deep in a basement, your crew deserves a sanitary and quick restroom.

Military and Aviation

During long deployments and long flights, finding a restroom should be the last thing to worry about.

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