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Count on our unique products to ensure the safety and productivity of your work crews.

We service more than 300 utilities and all four branches of the U.S. military. Brief Relief is safe and sanitary and is the best choice when local facilities are unavailable.

Sometimes, tearing down and resetting the worksite is just too time consuming. It is in these situations that Brief Relief comes to the rescue.

We’ve all heard stories of employees using the great outdoors or unsanitary containers. This is not only unsafe and inappropriate, but also illegal. Even “holding it” can lead to medical issues, such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones and incontinence, as well as work-related injuries due to the distraction caused by trying to hurry up a job. Plan A should always be to use a proper restroom. But facilities aren’t always available. That’s when Brief Relief becomes a very necessary Plan B.

The Brief Relief Disposable Urinal Bag

Count on our unique products to ensure the safety and productivity of your work crews.

Inside is a patented blend of polymers and enzymes that convert urine into a deodorized gel that’s approved for disposal in any garbage container. There are several other packages that include the bag as well as other equipment to provide privacy and other amenities.

  • Eliminates health and safety risks
  • Allows workers to concentrate on their jobs
  • Increases morale and productivity
  • Minimizes downtime, making the job more efficient
  • Eliminates legal issues created by employees relieving themselves where they shouldn’t
  • Is cheaper than renting portable bathrooms

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RS400 Lightspeed 3-in-1 Privacy Shelter


The generous headroom and floor plan make it the ideal space to use as a mobile portable toilet enclosure, changing area, breastfeeding area or shower enclosure, utilizing the integrated solar shower shelf and ceiling windows (for light and ventilation).

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