Why We Are Here

To ensure that everyone stays safe, healthy, and maintains a productive work environment.

Brief Relief is a top manufacturer whose products provide best in class worksite solutions to aid in the safety and productivity of all your valued employees.

In business, time is money and so is protecting your worker’s health and your company image. All of our customers trust us to deliver high-quality products and provide them with peace of mind solutions.

This Is Why You Should Get Our Product

What Makes Brief Relief Products So Great?

Safe & Sanitary

Brief Relief Work Site Solutions are items that you will need on the job similar to a first aid kit or fire extinguisher. They are there to provide a safe, sanitary, and legal area that you can use when needed.

Easy to Use

Brief Relief Products are a quick and easy way to increases morale and productivity by supplying solutions to problems that workers encounter daily.

Increase Productivity

30 Second Problem, 30 Second Solution as Brief Relief Minimizes downtime, travel and makes a workers day more productive, easy, and efficient


Brief Relief is discreet, quick, and can be used in any enclosed environment which eliminates legal issues, keeps employees safe, reduces employee reprimands, and protects company image.


Brief Relief is cost-effective and mobile which allows companies to use this as a fixed cost of doing business vs the variable cost of portable bathrooms.

Safely Treats Human Waste

Brief Relief is biodegradable and includes a patented blend of polymers and enzymes that convert urine into a deodorized gel that’s approved for disposal in any garbage container. Many of our packages include this revolutionary scientific solution and other equipment to provide privacy and other amenities.

What’s So Safe About It?

Our bags are the safest way to relieve yourself when there are no bathrooms available.

Brief Relief manufactures products that are safe for you and the environment, private from prying eyes, and we offer sanitary solutions allowing employees to stay out of harm’s way in public non-hygienic facilities.

Brief Relief urinal bags also:

  • Reduces downtime and Increases productivity
  • Improves employee morale and company image
  • Reduces public relations issues created by employees relieving themselves where they shouldn’t
  • Biodegradable and decomposes like a regular plastic bag

Industries We Serve

Who is using Brief Relief?

Today we estimate more than 20,000 utility workers, construction crews, telecommunication techs, and clean energy workers trust Brief Relief products as part of their daily routine when they can’t get to a restroom quickly and safely.

Count on our unique products to ensure the safety, privacy, and productivity of your work crews.

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