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Bathroom emergencies: When You Needed To Go But Couldn’t Find a Bathroom

For as long as people have been going to the bathroom, they’ve been having bathroom emergencies. Whether someone just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or they get stranded somewhere without access to facilities, there are painfully memorable times where they just couldn’t hold it. 

When nature calls, there are only so many times you can hit “decline” before you absolutely need to go. If you can’t find a restroom, this means relieving yourself in a less-than-ideal location or missing out on big moments to avoid an embarrassing accident. 

If you’ve had a close call on your way to the bathroom, you’re definitely not alone! Here are some cautionary tales of people in potty peril who could’ve used some Brief Relief in their lives.


In the Work Truck

Sometimes, the solution to your bathroom woes only causes more problems. One Reddit user recounts their experience of sudden digestive danger while doing maintenance on a client’s ice machine. Thinking quickly, he ran to his work truck, threw a trash bag in a bucket, and released the floodgates. Not wanting to stink up his van permanently, he tied up the bag and left the doors open before returning to the job. 

Crisis averted, right? He thought so too, until he saw the client’s dog frolicking in the yard, the sack of poo clenched in his jaws. Thankfully, the pup dropped the bag before retreating to the client’s home, but not without scaring the literal crap out of that poor maintenance tech. Talk about a workplace hazard!


At a Remote Work Site

In response to the above story, another user in the HVAC industry recounts rushing through a job because he was so distracted by the storm brewing in his bowels. Of course, the job was in the middle of nowhere with no public restroom or emergency toilet in sight. 

After hurriedly installing a replacement part and seeing no improvement, he called up the previous technician to gather more details about the repair. And what did he learn? That tech had also sped through the job, barely paying attention because he needed to go to the bathroom badly. Legend says that HVAC professionals are still frantically trying to complete that repair (with a turtle pokin’ out) to this very day.


Thousands of Feet in the Air

Not even the toughest among us are immune to the call of nature. This paratrooper shared his story of being cursed with a full bladder during a jump. Usually, keeping yourself hydrated is a smart move to stay cool in the searing sun, especially when you’re sweltering under tons of gear for hours on end. Unfortunately for this soldier, all that water went right through him just as he was about to leap from a plane. 

Try as he might to hold it in, the shock of his parachute opening also unleashed his bladder. Despite the distraction of bursting with urine mid-air, he made it to the ground safely, albeit damp. While recounting his tale, he mentions that if he had known he wouldn’t make it to a bathroom, he would have just peed his pants earlier. Not only would that have saved him some serious discomfort, but he could have focused a bit more on sticking his landing.


Live on Stage

Everybody poops, even the rich and famous. Lil Nas X was a public reminder of this at a concert in Atlanta, when his brief costume change turned into an impromptu bathroom break. Fans shared a video of his remote announcement — live from the backstage restroom — that he needed a couple of extra minutes before returning to the performance. His fans clearly didn’t mind as they responded with a wave of cheers, clearly relating to his blunt, honest admission.

Lil Nas X most likely had comfortable facilities backstage, but that’s not always the case at performance venues. Any festival-goer is all too familiar with the trying to avoid thee smelly, overflowing Porta Potties. It’s no wonder that both fans and musicians may be tempted to hold it until it’s too late.


Take the Urgency Out of Your Emergency With a Portable Solution

Having a clean, private place to go can make or break those moments when you suddenly feel the urge. At Brief Relief, we specialize in solutions that are easy to take with you and even easier to maintain. Our portable commodes, privacy shelters, and durable waste bags combine to create a discreet solution for job sites and events. 

Anyone can be the victim of a bathroom emergency, but this problem is more exasperating for people who have a digestive condition, such as the estimated 10% to 15% of Americans who live with IBS. Having  access to a portable commode can help everyone handle their business with dignity.

Because Brief Relief bags contain polymers and enzymes that neutralize waste into an odorless gel, they’re durable enough for even the most rugged conditions. Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, you can relax knowing that the next time you really have to go, you’ll have a safe, subtle, and comfortable way to take care of business.