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Best Item to Include in an Electrician’s Tool Kit

From tending to a facility that’s lost power from a blown transformer to repairing an electrical malfunction in a residential home, going to the bathroom should be the least of an electrician’s worries. Yet it’s one that can cause the most hubbub.


Which is why the best tools for electricians have nothing to do with the job itself, but everything to do with their bodily needs.


The Benefits of Having a Portable Bathroom Solution in Electricians’ Tool Kits


Storing a privacy tent, portable commode, and waste bags in your electricians’ service vehicle benefits them as much as it does you.


They Cut the Cost of Bathroom Breaks

When electricians need to leave a job to find a bathroom, their days become longer. And not only that, but when you add up all the time lost to bathroom breaks that require them to leave the job site in search of a running toilet, you realize how many service call opportunities may have been missed. 


To paint the picture a bit more clearly, let’s break the potty numbers down.


Imagine an electrician makes a 20-minute bathroom run three times a day. That’s an hour per day, or five hours per week, lost to restroom breaks. And if the average hourly wage of an electrician is $25 per hour, you’re losing approximately $6,250 a year due to toilet visits (assuming they work 50 weeks a year).


And that’s just the cost associated with wages.


You also need to consider “rolling costs.” Think: Do they ever have to travel to a bathroom? How much gas is used for every trip? How many extra miles is that putting on the company vehicle, adding to maintenance costs? 


(For the complete panorama on cost breakdown, check out our savings calculator.)


They’re Sanitary

Norovirus, hepatitis A, and salmonella are just a few viruses and bacteria found in public restrooms—on toilets and other surfaces. (Gross!)


We understand that public restroom cleanliness isn’t always top-of-mind, especially when the need to go feels like life or death. But if you were able to provide a portable restroom solution that’s not festering with illness-causing pathogens, wouldn’t you? 


Introducing: Brief Relief products.


Brief Relief offers a line of portable bathroom products fit for any off-site technician or electrician work, including commodes, liquid and solid waste bags, and privacy shelters.


The portable waste bags are OSHA-compliant, odor-free, puncture-resistant, and spill-proof. Once properly sealed, the enzymes inside the bags neutralize the waste by breaking it down into simple salts and water. 


They’re also landfill safe, meaning you can throw them away in any regular trash bin. Plus, each bag comes with toilet paper and antimicrobial wipes.


They’re Lightweight and Easy to Set Up

All of Brief Relief’s personal-lavatory systems are lightweight and set up within seconds.


For example, the Briefcase Commode weighs only seven pounds and transforms from a convenient carrying case to a fully functional portable bathroom in a few seconds.


Here’s how:


1. Pull out each leg until it snaps into place.

2. Press thumb tabs to remove the lid.

3. Unfold the waste bag.

4. Set the waste bag inside the commode.

5. Do your business as usual. (The seat holds the waste bag in place. Alternatively, the waste bag can cover the seat to keep the seat clean.)

6. After use, lift the bag with the attached draw straps. Holding the straps together, slide the liner closed and tie straps. Tuck the liner inside the foil bag and firmly seal the zip-top.

7. Throw away the used bag in any trash. (Unlike most chemical toilets and Porta Potties, Brief Relief’s solid waste disposal bags are landfill safe.)

They’re Private and Can Be Used Year-Round 

We get it. Using the client’s bathroom isn’t the most ideal, but when nature calls, nature calls. And public restrooms aren’t always nearby.


With commodes and their accompanying privacy shelters, there will always be a bathroom within each.


Like the commodes, the privacy shelters set up and break down easily, coming with a carry case that makes storing it in the service vehicle easy.


Full sun out? Raining cats and dogs? No problem! Brief Relief’s gray privacy shelters have opaque gray fabric that offers full privacy whenever the other kind of nature calls, no matter the weather.


The Portable Bathroom Solution for Electricians’ Tool Kits Is Here


Whether you’re looking to cut the cost of bathroom breaks, keep things more sanitary, or offer electricians a more private bathroom solution, Brief Relief has just what you need. Check out the full line of products for your team today.