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Why Water and Sewer Utility Technicians Should Always Pack Waste Bags

Two utility workers working on underground utilities

Whether you’re operating a mini excavator, service truck, jackhammer, pipe saw, sewer cleaning truck, the sudden urge to go to the bathroom means stopping work. Find out more about how Brief Relief can help water and sewer utility technicians focus on the job no matter where they are.

Why Gas Utility Workers Always Pack Waste Bags on the Job

A job as a gas utility worker means excellent pay, comprehensive training, fantastic benefits, and plenty of opportunities for travel. On the less glamorous side, with this on-the-go career, there isn’t much room for a portable bathroom. Until now.

Portable Commode vs. the Porta-Potty

Row of porta potties

Music festivals, concerts, food parks, sporting events, and other crowded gatherings alike, no one’s favorite experience is using a porta-potty. Here’s a breakdown on why portable commodes beat the porta-potty in terms of hygiene, costs, setup, and maintenance.