BlogFire Fighters walking through a forest fire

Whether you’re assigned to battle the hottest part of the blaze or on a field assignment that takes you patrolling and hiking through rugged terrain, the duties and responsibilities of a hotshot typically mean working in conditions that demand you to survive on the basics. 

While hotshots undergo rigorous physical and psychological training to fight the most aggressive fires and survive in the most primitive living conditions, they still need a bathroom solution that is convenient, sanitary, and most importantly, portable.

The Commode and Waste Bag Combo Offer a Safe and Portable Bathroom Solution

The Brief Relief Portable Commode and waste bag supply combination weigh no more than 18 lbs, making it easy to bring wherever you may be dispatched.  Waste Bags use specialized gelling technology to create unique waste alleviating solution.

Brief Relief portable waste bags can be used on their own. However, for your comfort, you can use them to line a commode. The Brief Relief Commode is a sturdy 5-gallon base that comes with a full-size foam toilet seat built from long-lasting, high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is the height of a regular toilet and has undergone intense testing that has proven it can withstand weights of 300 lbs for over 12 hours. Because it comes with a lid, it’s perfect for storing and transporting your waste bag supply. It stores easily in the crew vehicle or can be left at the station. 

If you’re on a fire assignment or performing project work, you can leave the commode behind and carry the portable waste bags in your gear. The Disposable Urinal Bag is usable by both men and women. It allows hot shots to only take a short pit stop instead of stopping to determine if they are a safe distance from a water source or to dig a cat hole. 

The Urinal Bag has a one-way valve to prevent accidents. Once the urine hits the inside of the bag, it is converted into a deodorized gel by a patented blend of naturally occurring, nontoxic polymers and enzymes. Thanks to its sturdy 3 mil thick design, you don’t have to worry about bacteria. The waste bag is also puncture-proof and odor-free. 

The Disposa-John Portable Restroom is Brief Relief’s waste bag solution for both liquid and solid wastes. It boasts a 4 mil thick, 3-layer barrier “bag-in-bag” design that comes with multiple closures that seal in the waste and odor. It contains the same patented enzymes as the urinal bag that breaks down the wastes and converts them into a deodorized gel. 

For extra sanitation, the Disposa-John Portable Restroom comes with an antimicrobial wipe and toilet paper. After use, you can throw in the used toilet paper and wipes, seal it up, and store it away. Because the Disposa-John Portable Restroom waste bag is designed for both men and women, it even handles feminine hygiene products. 

All Brief Relief waste bags can be snapped closed securely and stored with the rest of your gear safely without fear of spillage. They are landfill-safe and can be thrown away in any regular trash receptacle.

To learn more about how Brief Relief improves work quality for unique jobs, please check out our line of products.