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Securing Construction Sites: Protecting Assets and Ensuring Worker Safety

Safety is essential on your job site. But have you considered how important security is to your success? Leaving equipment out overnight, poor lighting, and a lack of bathrooms can endanger workers and create long-term costs.


Plus, crime is on the rise at construction sites, including theft, violent crime, and more. And when construction site theft costs between 300 million and 1 billion dollars annually, you can’t afford to ignore taking safety precautions to keep your equipment and employees safe.


At Brief Relief, we’ve spent a lot of time putting our noses in your business. We’ve got your backside when it comes to issues facing the construction industry. Let’s talk about some key issues that put construction workers at risk.

Dangerous neighborhoods


Building in dangerous neighborhoods puts construction workers closer to crime. Construction sites are attractive for criminals due to high-value items that are hard to track, little security, large sites, and poor lighting.

Access to clean bathrooms for construction workers

There are several health hazards on job sites, and bathrooms are a big one. For construction workers, a restroom can be 20 floors down, across a busy street, down the block, or in a disgusting, unsanitary port-a-potty. Considering the average person has to go three times a day (or more), that’s a lot of wasted time and unnecessary exposure to waste. It’s also common for a worksite to not meet OSHA requirements, risking your worker’s health.

Plus, peeing on the job site can be a PR nightmare. Without portable toilets for construction sites, companies can face public relations issues created by employees relieving themselves where they shouldn’t.

Construction Sites are a Magnet for Criminals.

Once crews clock out, materials like copper, lumber, tools, and expensive machinery are often left unattended, especially if there aren’t any security measures on the site. (And many materials are priced at an all-time high due to shortages.)


Thieves take advantage of locations with minimum security and lighting, which offer the opportunity for maximum profit. And considering that job sites are often left unattended after hours, it’s too good to be true for criminals who can turn construction materials for a profit.

Jobsite Security Solutions

A few solutions are oh-so-simple!


Light it up! Ensuring your site is well-lit is simple, but it deters thieves from lurking in the dark. Floodlights and motion sensors go a long way to increase security. Just make sure your lights don’t obscure any security cameras if you have them.


Security Systems

You’d be surprised at how many security systems can be installed without a professional. Many portable surveillance system options can be moved as your project advances. With the increased surveillance and technology capabilities, you can get some excellent options for less than you think.

Fences and Locks

If you have a budget, add a fence. It will take away the opportunity from criminal opportunists. If you want to level up, you can add a fence covering that obscures your site from view, making it more difficult to see potential items to steal after hours. Even better,  secure valuable materials and tools at the end of each shift. This smart safety measure could spare you from significant financial losses.

Access to On-Site Bathroom Solutions


Give your workers access to a nearby bathroom to save time and increase sanitation. This will keep your workers safe and avoid any unfortunate public urination disputes.


As the top manufacturer of worksite bathroom solutions, Brief Relief products are the safest way to go to the bathroom when no bathrooms are available. Our portable bathroom solutions, such as the Disposable Urinal Bags or the Lavatory System, offer a simpler, more affordable alternative. Plus, our biodegradable waste bags are not only sanitary- they’re OSHA certified.

Stay Safe!

Every construction team wants increased safety, decreased loss, and increased productivity. Implementing measures like adequate lighting, secure fencing, and access to on-site bathroom solutions can reduce risks while making your worksite more productive and safe.


At Brief Relief, utility workers, construction crews, telecommunication techs, and clean energy workers trust our products as part of their daily routine when they can’t quickly and safely access a restroom.


Explore how our products can work for you and your crew!