BlogWorker installing wood flooring in a home

As a flooring installer working on different types of flooring in both residential and commercial buildings, you know the challenges of finding a bathroom when you need it. 

In many cases, the building where you’re installing flooring is still under construction. The plumbing may not be installed or working yet. While there’s the option to use the construction site’s porta-potties, we all know that outhouses aren’t the most sanitary options as dozens of workers on the site share them. Also, they’re probably not very accessible as porta-potties have to be set up a distance away from the site, so as not to obstruct pathways for the crew and driveways for the trucks and heavy equipment. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution that is sanitary, convenient, and most importantly, portable. The Brief Relief Portable Lavatory System is like carrying a personal bathroom stall. The system includes a privacy tent, portable commode, and a supply of waste bags. Waste Bags use specialized gelling technology to create unique waste alleviating solution.

The Convenience of a Portable Commode and Waste Bags 

If you’re in the middle of installing flooring and feel the urge to relieve yourself, you can skip the porta-potties. There’s no need to hold it in and put your bladder health at risk. You can also stop considering urinating behind a tree or bush and potentially getting in trouble with the law. 

Instead, you can go to your truck and pull out the lavatory system; the whole system weighs only 18 lbs and packs away neatly. The privacy tent collapses and fits in a carry case while the commode makes a sturdy base to hold a full-size flexible toilet seat. It includes a tight-seal screw on gamma-lid to store and transport your sanitation supplies when out on a job. 

You can set up the privacy tent right next to your truck. It is easy to set up and break down. Its opaque color guarantees complete privacy as does the zipper locks on the inside. For your comfort, the commode is the height of a standard toilet. Choose between the Brief Relief Liquid Liquid Waste Bag or the Disposa-John. 

The Brief Relief Liquid Waste Bag can hold up to 20 oz. of urine, while the Disposa-John’s triple barrier design was made to seal both liquid and solid wastes safely. All Brief Relief waste bags contain a unique blend of polymers and enzymes that are activated by wastes, breaking them down and converting them into a deodorized gel. The waste bags are odor-free, puncture-resistant, and spill-proof. Because all Brief Relief products are made with non-toxic materials, they are landfill-safe and can be thrown away safely in a regular trash bin. 

Alternatively, you can pack Brief Relief waste bags with you on-site. Even if the toilets in the commercial building or residential home aren’t fully functional yet, you can use them for privacy as you use a waste bag. Once you’re done, seal the bag shut and throw it away in any trash receptacle.

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