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Why Telecom Workers Need Portable Toilets on the Job

Why Telecom Workers Need Portable Toilets on the Job

Long hours stuck in traffic. Endless drives to construction sites. Long, laborious hours installing new lines at remote utility service locations. While these typical stomping grounds of a telecom worker are fine and dandy, where’s one to take a whiz when needed? 

Seems a bit dirty to admit, but indoor plumbing is a luxury everyone takes for granted. The tough reality of a telecom worker’s day-to-day life is that toilets are few and far between.

But did you know while an onsite porta-potty is the industry standard, those who pack portable toilets on the job are actually doing their employers (and the environment) a favor? 

Here’s why. 


Portable toilets are environmentally friendly

Yes, our dear Mother Earth. We often forget about her … sadly. But using portable toilets is very easy on her — once you crunch some numbers.

Your standard toilet takes 1.28 gallons per flush. Multiply that by the number of bathroom runs and number of employees, and you get a lot of excess water usage from people simply minding their business.

A wonderful thing about portable toilet systems is that they don’t take vast amounts of water to operate (or any at all!). Using them also ensures proper waste disposal.


Portable toilets save money and time

Have you ever stopped to think about all the time invested in multiple bathroom breaks? And how that poorly invested time is taking a chunk out of your bottom line? (This is especially true if reaching an acceptable toilet requires traveling.) 

As we detailed in our blog The Real Cost of Employee Bathroom Breaks, if a worker had to make a bathroom run three times a day, that’s an hour per day. Per week, that’s five hours lost to restroom breaks. And if the average wage of a telecommunications technician is $22.95 per hour, you’re losing approximately $5,738 a year due to toilet visits (assuming your employees work 50 weeks a year) for just one employee.

When you consider the “rolling costs,” (using a company vehicle to travel to a bathroom, the gas used, the extra mileage that adds to maintenance costs, etc.), the hourly cost can easily jump to an average of $150/hour, or $37,500 a year. Now, multiply that by the number of employees working in remote locations.

(If these numbers make you wince, maybe don’t check Brief Relief’s savings calculator to see how portable toilets can not only boost your bottom line, but also employee productivity, worker morale, and business reputation.)


Portable toilets save your reputation 

We’re sure you’ve heard of indecent exposure and know the risks of revealing one’s genitals under circumstances that are likely to offend others. 

And public urination and defecation citations leave a lasting stain on a company’s image. (Defecation defamation, anyone? Not to mention a hefty fine for your company … Wanna be in charge of explaining that to your board this quarter? Didn’t think so.)

Don’t risk your employees getting caught on camera — or worse, blown up on social media. Look for a portable toilet solution that protects the environment, and your time, money and reputation. 


In short, portable toilets like Brief Relief are a clear answer 

When telecom utility workers are on-location and don’t have access to a running toilet, a privacy tent, portable commode, and waste bags are all they need when the urgency arises. 

Introducing, Brief Relief!

The Brief Relief Lavatory System comes with a privacy shelter, commode, full-sized seat, and supply of Disposa-John waste bags. In other words, it’s a complete personal bathroom at any worksite.

How does it work? We’re glad you asked!

Once the privacy shelter is set up, the worker places the commode inside and lines it with a Disposa-John waste bag. In the act, the compounds inside the waste bag convert liquid and solid wastes into an odorless, deodorized gel. When done, one simply removes the waste bag and seals it closed. 

And because Brief Relief waste bags are non-toxic and landfill-safe, you can throw them away in any regular trash can. Plus, they’re water-repellant, non-conductive, and fire retardant, meeting CPAI-84 standards. 

Storage is effortless as well. Workers can set up the Brief Relief Lavatory System and fold it away in a carry case in a matter of minutes.

No more smelly porta-potties. No more hours of wasted time and money trying to get to and from the restroom sites. No more privacy issues. We’ve packed up all the common portable toilet problems and solved them with one solution: the Brief Relief Lavatory System. (You’re welcome!) 

Sound like your cup of tea? To see the complete line of Brief Relief products for your workers, visit our shop.