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Looking for a Porta Potty Alternative for Your Remote Teams? The Commode is the Better Way to Go

Looking for a Porta Potty Alternative for Your Remote Teams? The Commode is the Better Way to Go

As an operations manager, you deal with a lot of crap. Reporting to insistent higher-ups, keeping your team productive, resolving conflicts between departments. It’s enough to wipe anyone out. So, we totally get that looking for a Porta Potty alternative for your remote teams may not be high on your list. 

But did you know the restroom choices you make not only affects employee health, but also their morale and your company’s bottom line?  

Choose well, and your team won’t cringe at what’s available for their use when nature calls. Choose poorly, and you could put their health at risk, land some hefty fines for breaking OSHA regulations, and smear your public reputation. Not to mention the amount of extra work and time that goes into coordinating emptying Porta Potties.

Decisions, decisions. 

If Porta Potties and other chemical toilet options are starting to become a real stink for your remote teams, don’t worry. We have just the solution for you. They’re called Brief Relief commodes. 

Here’s why they’re the best way to go! (You’re welcome in advance.)

The 411 on Brief Relief Commodes

In a nutshell, Brief Relief commodes are sturdy, portable, lightweight solid waste disposal solutions. They come in two types:

  • Brief Relief Commode. This commode is made to the height of a standard toilet seat and comes with a gamma lid.

  • Briefcase Commode. This option collapses into a briefcase-sized box that weighs just seven pounds and can be set up in seconds. (When you gotta go, you gotta go!) 

When used with a pop-up privacy tent and Disposa-John portable restroom bags, our commodes are some of the most versatile portable toilet solutions you can buy. (We can’t make that sh!t up. Really, check it out for yourself.)


Why Our Commodes Smoke the Porta Potty

For users, Brief Relief commodes’ attractiveness comes from their size, cleanliness, and easy solid waste disposal. (Plus, they won’t have to hold their nose going in.) 

For operations managers, the benefits are plentiful:

They Can Be Used Anywhere

To maintain OSHA compliance, companies must provide readily available access to restroom services (i.e. employees can reach them in less than 10 minutes). 

While Porta Potties are a viable on-site, portable restroom option, they don’t provide instant bathroom access. (Think about it. The 4-foot by 4-foot rectangular box is only functional when placed on even ground.) 

Brief Relief Commodes? They’re extremely versatile AND play by OSHA’s rules.

They’re light and small enough to transport in a crew’s vehicle, and they’re designed for sturdiness on the most uneven terrain. The Briefcase Commode also transforms from a convenient carrying case to fully functional outdoor restroom in a few seconds.

Don’t believe us? 

Here are its specific set-up instructions:

1. Pull out each leg until it snaps into place.

2. Press thumb tabs to remove the lid.

3. Unfold the foil bag.

4. Set foil bag inside the commode and unfold the waste bag.

5. The seat holds the waste bag in place. Alternatively, the waste bag can cover the seat to keep the seat clean.

6. After use, lift the bag with the attached draw straps. Holding the straps together, slide the liner closed and tie straps. Tuck the liner inside the foil bag and firmly seal the zip-top.

7. Throw away the used foil bag in any trash. (Unlike most chemical toilets and Porta Potties, Brief Relief’s solid waste disposal bags are landfill safe.)

They’re the Most Sanitary Option

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Portable Sanitation Association International updated the septic waste standard to at least one restroom toilet for every eight workers, following CDC and OSHA regulations. 

They also require portable restrooms be spaced to accommodate social distancing and avoid creating lines.


Because a standard Porta Potty is a hotbed of viruses, including norovirus, salmonella, shigellosis, Hepatitis A, seasonal flu, and now, COVID-19. 

But have no fear. Brief Relief is here! 

With Brief Relief, employees will never have to worry about fly-infested Porta Potties on a hot summer day ever again. Our commodes’ single-use waste collection bags and kits are—as the name suggests—single use. One and done. 

They also come with antimicrobial wipes and toilet paper, and the commode is made of durable plastic that can be easily cleaned with disinfectant spray or wipes.

Additionally, our portable, privacy shelters are well ventilated to let airborne microbes out—a.k.a. no more smell!

You’ll Rake in More Cash

Here’s how getting to the bottom of portable restrooms increases your bottom line:

Cut Costs on Bathroom Breaks

Imagine this:

If a telecommunications worker makes 20-minute bathroom runs three times a day, that’s an hour per day, or five hours per week lost to restroom breaks. And if the average wage of a telecommunications technician is $22.95 per hour, you’re losing approximately $5,738 a year due to toilet visits (assuming your employees work 50 weeks a year).

. . . And that’s just costs associated with employee wages.

Also take into account the “rolling costs.” Do employees have to use a company vehicle to travel to a bathroom? How much gas is used for every trip? How many extra miles is that putting on the vehicle, adding to maintenance costs? 

When you consider all those related expenses, the hourly cost can easily jump to an average of $150/hour, or $37,500 a year!

(For the complete panorama on cost breakdown, check out our blog The Real Cost of Employee Bathroom Breaks.)

Cut Costs on Porta Potties

When you rent a Porta Potty, you’re not just paying to have it on company property and for maintenance. You also need to figure in the costs of delivery, placement, and removal. Because of this, Porta Potty rental can cost upwards of $300 per week.

Brief Relief can cut you some slack.

The daily restroom kits that pair with our commodes don’t require maintenance, delivery, placement, or removal. Each user handles their own liquid and solid waste bags, easily disposing of them wherever there’s a trash bin. 

Easy peasy.


The Future is Brief Relief Commodes

Whether you’re tired of maintenance fees, are concerned about your team’s health, or need a more versatile portable restroom solution, Brief Relief commodes are your best option.

Make it your duty to provide your employees a clean, private, and convenient way to go when they need it, where they need it. Plus, they’re sanitary enough to keep OSHA (and PR teams) off your back while padding your bottom line. 

Check out our full line of commode systems to get started today!