CE2000 – Porta-Quick Utility System


One Brief Relief Shelter, One CE510 Porta-Quick Utility Pack


Are you losing out on productivity due to workers having to leave the job site to use the bathroom? Faced a recent PR nightmare from one of your workers peeing outside? Then the CE2000 Porta-Quick Utility System is what you need.

The CE2000 is a complete portable, easy-to-use, toilet system that can be setup on any job site. The complete set up includes a privacy shelter, commode toilet, and our Disposa-John waste bags to ensure your worksite is equipped with a safe and environmentally friendly bathroom solution.


  • Includes 1 Privacy Shelter (4′ x 4′ x 6.5′), 1 Commode Toilet, and 10 BR500 Waste Bags made for solid and liquid waste including toilet paper and antimicrobial wipes
  • Our BR500s are made with a triple barrier bag and liner for liquid and solid waste making it odor proof and puncture proof
  • Waste bags are made with a unisex design for all genders
  • Privacy Shelter includes anchor stakes, tie down rope, inter-locking zippers, and carrying case
  • Commode is made to the height of a standard toilet seat (16″) for maximum comfort and can withstand 300 lbs. of pressure over a 10 hour period

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 30 × 13 in