Efficient Restroom Solutions For The Alternative Energy Industry

Providing safe and healthy alternative solutions to keep your workers happy, healthy, and productive.

Workers installing solar panels on a roof

Working on solar farms, wind farms, and other alternative energies means working in remote areas where you don’t have direct access to a proper bathroom. This means driving to the nearest facility, which can effect productivity.

The environment is important and we know you feel the same. This is why we offer a simple bathroom solution: the Disposa-John, our portable waste bag. Waste Bags are a portable, sanitary, and environmentally friendly toilet solution that includes absorbent polymers and enzymes. These polymers and enzymes, also known as Waste Activation Gel, absorbs and solidifies both liquid & solid waste. By breaking it down to its most basic form, you are able to throw it away in any nearby trash bin.

Having your workers keep a portable waste bag in their trucks increases productivity, promotes employee health & safety, saves money, and prevents criminal penalties & convictions.

Brief Relief, The Leader in Personal Lavatory Systems.

Our Liquid and Solid Waste Bag systems solve the problem that alternative energy workers encounter when they find themselves with no access immediate to a running toilet.

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Simply put – if your workers are out in a remote location, you need to supply them with Brief Relief products to help keep them safe, healthy and productive.