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For construction workers a restroom can be 20 floors down. Considering the average person has to go three times a day, that’s a lot of ups and downs.

Sure, your crew could use the traditional porta-potty. Between price, labor for cleaning, and transportation- porta-potty rentals come with too many extra hassles. To eliminate these issues, we’ve developed an alternative, cost effective portable solution.

Brief Relief’s on-the-go restroom solutions can easily go in any work truck, tool box, or utility belt – keeping crews on site and increasing productivity. Plus, the biodegradable waste bags are not only sanitary- they’re OSHA certified.

As a foreman, you need relief. Brief Relief provides convenient, portable restroom solutions to keep your team safe, healthy, and productive. Explore how our products work for you and your crew.

We’ve got your backside

Environmentally-Friendly Features That Go The Distance.

Protection and Durability

Triple-barrier, puncture-resistant waste bags are leakproof and odor free.

Easily accessible

A portable waste bag in the work vehicle, tool box, or tool belt.

Safe and Sanitary

Toilet paper and antimicrobial wipes provide a sanitary experience.


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Waste bags are designed for safe disposal in any trash receptacle.

No. Waste bags have a protective triple-barrier and are puncture-resistant, making them leakproof and odor free.

Yes. The powder blend works best in the range of -40° – 120° Fahrenheit.

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With Brief Relief’s Personal Lavatory Systems.

Workers are 43 floors up or deep in a basement. Are they prepared when nature calls?

Porta-potties have long dominated construction sites. Between price, labor for cleaning, and transport, porta-potty rentals can come with a lot of extra costs. However, porta-potties are no longer the only solution that can meet your crew’s sanitary bathroom needs. Brief Relief’s Portable Lavatory System is proven to be the more hygienic and cost-effective option.

Brief Relief provides on-the-go restroom solutions made for construction workers that easily can go in any work truck, tool box, or tool belt – keeping crews on site and increasing productivity.

Brief Relief For Construction

When workers can’t get to a bathroom, they need a safe and sanitary alternative. Why not provide them with one they can carry with them anywhere they work? Our patented bags come with safe polymers and enzymes that treat waste.

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