A Bathroom is the Last Thing Drivers Should Worry About

Whether you drive a truck across the country or a taxi through the city, be prepared with a portable waste bag.

Truck driver standing next to his truck with wood panels

Drivers have one goal: To get from Point A to Point B with as little stops as possible. However, sometimes the urge to use the restroom comes and the nearest rest stop is too far. Instead of having them stop off the side of the road or rely on a plastic bottle, supply them with Brief Relief portable waste bags.

Brief Relief provides small on-the-go restroom solutions that easily can fit in a glove box or any compartment within your vehicle. Our patented bags come with safe polymers and enzymes that breakdown waste to its most basic composition, allowing the bags to be thrown away in any trash receptacle.

Brief Relief: Made For Drivers

When workers can’t get to a bathroom, they need a safe and sanitary alternative. Why not provide them with one they can carry with them anywhere they work? With Brief Relief, a bathroom is wherever you need it to be.

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“It would be a very practical idea to have a supply of your product on hand at the various Postal facilities. This would be especially important during emergency situations as we have experienced in the Northridge earthquake.”

– President, National Association of Letter Carriers