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Most companies do their best to ensure that remote teams have the best protection. Not just because they have OSHA compliance issues, but because they want to keep employees safe and productive.

Have you overlooked your sanitation safety requirements from OSHA? You might be out of compliance, exposing your company to unnecessary risk.

OSHA Requirements

Some of your workforce may not work in a traditional office setting. Instead, they’re on worksites or in their vehicles. Providing OSHA standard bathroom facilities looks a little different for them.

To keep your company OSHA compliant and your mobile team of linesmen, technicians, and engineers healthy, you must provide “adequate access,” meaning you have to supply them with bathroom services in 10 minutes or less.

Leaving it up to the Employees Leaves the Company at Risk

It is a threat to expect your employees to make the right choice and protect your company from embarrassing situations.

Right now, Amazon is facing a lot of scrutiny in the UK due to:

  • Bathrooms located too far from workstations
  • 74% of employees report avoiding using the toilet out of fear of losing their jobs due to missed performance targets
  • Bottles of urine found in the warehouse

In Levittown, NY, a Long Island Power Authority employee was caught on a security camera urinating on a customer’s fence and house.

What about putting the general public at risk, not just private property? In California, a water manager with the water bureau urinated into an empty reservoir. You would think that a manager would have the common sense to know that even an empty reservoir is a lousy judgment call for a safe place to answer the call of nature. Leaving workers to figure out where to take a bathroom break can put a company’s reputation on the Line.

These incidents, which are not isolated, deteriorate a company’s credibility and reputation.

Standard Solutions Fall Short Protecting Your Remote Workforce

Portable toilets are ubiquitous on construction sites, and they are also hotbeds of viruses that can sicken your workforce.

The top 5 viruses transmitted in these environments include:

  1. Norovirus
  2. Salmonella
  3. Shigellosis
  4. Hepatitis A
  5. Seasonal Flu

And now, we can add #6:

  1. COVID-19

Portable toilets become unsanitary fast. Compound this with a lack of personal cleaning supplies, including toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and you have a toxic nightmare.

Last spring, employees sent thousands of complaints to OSHA about poor hygiene and lack of supplies in portable toilets. 

Portable toilets are not ideal.

Side of the Road and Empty Bottles

Trusting employees to make the right decision about where and when to go to the bathroom can have undesired results. We know that as a company, you would never tell an employee to pull over on the side of the road, but it happens.

Employees wearing company-branded clothing and driving company-branded vehicles can get ticketed or filmed. This can create unintended expenses for PR, legal, and lead to fines; not to mention the environmental impact. Despite what our parents told us, it is not okay to pee behind a bush. It destroys habitats, damages soil, and leads to bio-hazards.

Don’t even get us started on the bio-hazard of peeing in a bottle.

Productivity and the Bottom Line

Companies lose hundreds of thousands of dollars every year due to:

  • Lost time at the bathroom
  • Employee illness due to unsanitary bathroom conditions
  • Fines due to OSHA non-compliance

The average person needs to use the restroom three times during a workday. When on a site with portable toilets, it can take people up to 15 minutes to use the bathroom due to:

  • Accessibility (location)
  • Availability (how long is the Line)

That equals 45 minutes per employee of lost productivity per day, which averages out to about $6,000 a year, per employee.

Further, if there are no toilets that are not on-site, employees have to drive to use a bathroom in another business, adding a commute time to that bathroom break for utility workers, increasing your costs exponentially.

Brief Relief: A Better Bathroom Alternative

Brief Relief offers bathroom portable solutions that are:

  • Available on demand
  • Sanitary
  • Private
  • OSHA compliant

Brief Relief is a system that allows your workers to have a restroom wherever it needs to be.

Mobile Employee Solution:

  • Liquid & solid waste bags that include toilet paper and hand sanitizing wipes
  • Door Privacy Screen

Construction Site Employee Solution:

  • Mobile Privacy Shelter
  • Proper Ventilation
  • Low to Zero Surface Contamination
  • Port-a-John
  • Bag-able Waste System

All products are:

  • Spill-Proof
  • Odorless
  • Ultra-Light Weight
  • Sturdy
  • Landfill Disposable

These products reduce human waste to the point where it is safe to dispose of in any trash receptacle.

Keep your employees happy and healthy – and your company’s reputation, un-soiled.