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Months into the pandemic and the coronavirus is still spreading.

Public health authorities, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), instruct us to remain six feet apart or more, wash our hands regularly, disinfect frequently touched surfaces, and wear protective face gear. But compliance with these measures, especially face masks, is mixed. Daily we hear of instances where people do not know they were infected. We hear about superspreading events, where one person infects many. Salons in some cities are closed, but gyms and indoor dining at restaurants have partially reopened. People are confused. Businesses need answers.

A clear understanding of how COVID-19 is transmitted is needed to ensure people best protect themselves. It will also guide companies in instituting the best safety protocols.

Although much remains unknown about COVID-19, scientists have established that the coronavirus is transmitted via air and highly contagious. Research suggests that the virus primarily spreads when infected people talk, sing, cough, or sneeze. These actions expel respiratory droplets containing particles of coronavirus combined with saliva and mucus. If these droplets are inhaled by others nearby, they could transmit the coronavirus.

Yet, wearing a face mask does not fully protect wearers from airborne droplets. Face shields do.

Why Face Shields Work

Face shields protect the wearer’s eyes from aerosol particles. If someone is only wearing a face mask, their eyes are fully exposed to the open air.

Face shields protect the wearer from touching their face. By touching the front of your mask, you might also infect yourself. Experts tell us not to touch the front of your mask while you’re wearing it. After taking your mask off, it’s still not safe to touch the front of it. Once you’ve washed the mask (in a washing machine), it is safe to wear it again.

Cable and Utility Workers Need Face Shields

Restaurant and retail employees are obvious customer-facing employees and you may have noticed that many of them are incorporating face shields into their standard PPE wear, but a whole sector is missing from this idea of customer-facing service providers.

Plumbers, electricians, gas, cable, HVAC, handymen – Anyone who has to enter the home of a customer needs to be wearing a face shield, to protect themselves and to protect the customer.

Customers are concerned more than ever about letting people from outside their family onto the property or into their homes. If your employee is not wearing what a cautious customer considers enough PPE, they could deny them access. That in turn means that you have to reschedule the appointment, creating a service back up.

These in-home service providers are also nervous about entering a home. What if the homeowner or tenant chooses not to wear a mask or refuses to in their own home? That conversation is not going to go well, and it could put your employees at risk as well as the reputation of the company if things get heated.

Give Customer-Facing Employees Optimal Protection

Give your employees everything they need to protect themselves and the public. This assures the customers, clients, and patrons that your company cares about their health and employees.

Face Shield Features:

  • Customizable – Your business name and logo across the front
  • Deluxe Shields Tilt – Easy to eat, adjust glasses, etc.
  • Medical Grade – Designed to prevent the spread of infectious diseases
  • Reusable & Durable – PETG durable plastic
  • Easy to Clean – You can use household cleaners or agents to disinfect
  • Long-Wear Comfort – Thick foam headband, designed for long surgeries–comfortable even after an 8-hour shift

Unlike a mask, communication is more straightforward, you can see people’s expressions and conversion is less muffled.

At Brief Relief, we provide unique products to ensure the safety and productivity of your work crews. With our experience working with utilities, construction, military, police, fire, and medical professionals, we worked alongside experienced engineers to design a line of Face Shields for most situations. Our deluxe line is perfect for businesses that want to maximize corporate branding. The industrial line is made for rugged work environments, including construction site and offsite utility workers, and the standard shield is best for larger workforces.

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