BlogPlumber coming to work in someone's home

The irony of being a plumber is that even though you’re at a homeowner’s house fixing a broken toilet flush, you probably won’t be allowed to use that same toilet once you get it working again.

Part of being a plumber is accepting and respecting the client if they have a rule against letting outsiders use their private bathroom. And, even if they don’t have a problem with you using the bathroom, you still might not because the water is turned off, the toilet hasn’t been set up, or the toilet is still broken. As a plumber, you know that running water and plumbing are what make toilets sanitary. It’s probably why you probably avoid porta-potties at all costs.

So, what’s a plumber to do when they’re on the job and nature calls? One option is to stop what you’re doing, tell the client you have to leave for personal reasons, and get into your truck to find the nearest gas station. Another option is to pee next to your truck and risk getting a ticket from the police for indecent exposure or get sued by the homeowner or their neighbors.

How a Portable Commode and Waste Bags Increase Your Productivity 

Brief Relief offers a solution that is not only portable but sanitary. The Brief Relief Porta-Quick Utility System comes complete with a privacy shelter, portable commode, and supply of waste bags. Waste Bag is an industry standard term that stands for ‘Waste Alleviation and Gelling’ Bag.

When you bring the portable lavatory system with you on a job, there’s no reason to travel to look for a running toilet, hold it in, or risk getting in trouble with the law by urinating where you shouldn’t.

The privacy shelter sets up in a snap and provides complete personal privacy at any worksite. You can easily store it in your truck or trunk. It’s water repellant, fire-retardant, non-conductive and comes with a carry case. For your comfort, the portable commode is the height of a regular toilet. If you want a comfortable toilet seat, the Fliptop seat is a snap-on toilet seat is made of rugged HDPE plastic.

The system comes with a supply of waste bags that contain a unique blend of polymers and enzymes that convert wastes into a deodorized gel, making them odor-free. There’s no mess or fuss as because all of the waste goes into the waste bags for easy disposal at a later time. Because they’re non-toxic and the bags are puncture-resistant, they’re safe to throw away in any regular garbage bag.

As a plumber who makes a living installing and repairing toilets, it may seem strange to use anything else when you need to poop or pee. However, when you’re on the job, and there’s no running toilet available to you, you’ll agree that a portable lavatory system is the best solution.

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