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All Airmen undergo military training which prepares them for the physical and mental challenges of military life. During their 5-week training, they learn how to push their limits, work in dangerous environments, and survive without the everyday comforts of civilian life. Some of these luxuries include electricity, running water, and working toilets.

How Portable Lavatory Systems Help Airmen Perform Their Jobs Better

While military aircraft were built to carry many people, they weren’t designed with the same comforts as commercial planes. After all, the purpose of these planes includes rescue, transportation of soldiers into battle, or supply delivery. Don’t expect to find comfortable reclining seats or private lavatories onboard.

Airmen, despite their rigorous training and skills, are still very human and will naturally feel the urge to pee like the rest of us, even while in route. 

Rather than ignore the call of nature or turn the aircraft around just to find a running toilet, Airmen should always find a way to relieve themselves and avoid holding it in. If they don’t, the distraction and discomfort may be enough to keep them from performing their jobs effectively, causing lapses in judgment and loss of focus that could impact the outcome of the mission.

By packing waste bags with the rest of their gear, Airmen have a sanitary bathroom solution within reach. Waste Bag is an industry standard term that stands for ‘Waste Alleviation and Gelling’ Bag. Waste bags are also more effective than regular barf bags.

Because Airmen fly out in all weather conditions, flights may be turbulent and cause passengers and even pilots to feel sick enough to vomit. They are also expected to fly out in a moment’s notice and need to be up in the air despite feeling unwell or right after a big meal, causing them to feel queasy midflight.

Brief Relief waste bags are just as effective at converting urine into a deodorized gel as they are with vomit. Conventional airline vomit bags are nothing more than paper bags with a plastic inner lining. They don’t close securely very well and can still pop open. You can also still hear the vomit sloshing around inside. And, regular barf bags also aren’t great at concealing odors either.      

The Brief Relief Liquid Waste Bag contains a patented blend of polymers and enzymes that convert urine and vomit into a deodorized gel that’s approved for disposal in any garbage container. They are odor-free, puncture-resistant and spill-proof. It’s made with a thick plastic bag that is sturdy and prevents the flow of bacteria.

Brief Relief’s patented bags come with safe chemicals that treat waste. Brief Relief also offers portable commodes and privacy shelters, providing employees with a private bathroom that can easily pop up and be taken down wherever they need it.

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