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How Portable Waste Bags Improve Work Conditions for Miners


A career in mining means experiencing some of the most challenging working conditions of any industry. Whether you’re a mining engineer, explorer, or the one patiently chipping away at rocks with a pickaxe, you will still find yourself navigating dark tunnels or being lowered down into bleak, poorly lit shafts.

The majority of people also don’t realize just how deep some mines are. Two out of the eight deepest mines in the world are located in Canada. One of these mines is Kidd Creek, a copper/zinc mine, that extends up to 2.9 km beneath the surface. The other, Creighton is a nickel mine that has a mining depth of 2.5 km.

Miners do the work few others in the world are willing to do. They take on the challenge of going into the deep and isolated spaces most people are too scared to enter. Each day, they expose themselves to physical dangers. The moment they enter a mine shaft to begin their day, they agree to give up the everyday comforts many of us take for granted.

One of those luxuries is access to a clean, running toilet. While mining companies have latrine options, some aren’t as accessible or as sanitary as they should be.


Improving Productivity with Portable Lavatory Systems

Depending on where the miner is spending their day, it could be a long walk or an extended climb up to reach the designated toilet facilities. If the closest toilet is a 5-minute walk, the round trip to the bathroom takes 10 minutes, and this doesn’t include how much time the worker needs to do their business.

Some miners work 12-hour shifts. If they need to use the toilet twice a day, that’s about an hour lost to bathroom breaks each day or 20+ hours a month.

If mining companies equipped each of their miners with portable Waste Bags, the time lost to bathroom breaks could drop significantly. It would also be a relief for workers who prefer not to make the long journey to reach the porta potties. Knowing they have wag bags on-hand, they can focus on their work and productivity.

Brief Relief’s patented portable Waste Bags come with safe chemicals that convert waste into a deodorized gel that eliminates odors. The bags are easy to use and even easier to roll up and store in the miner’s sack. At the end of the day when the miners are back on the surface, they can throw away their used Waste Bags in any regular trash can.

Because working in the mines is one of the most challenging and impressive professions in the world, miners deserve a safe and dignified solution for their bathroom needs. With Brief Relief Disposable Urinal Bag and Disposa-John Portable Restroom, mine workers have a convenient, sanitary, and portable means of relieving themselves no matter where they are in the mines.

Brief Relief also offers easy-to-carry commodes that mining teams can bring with them everywhere in the mines. They work with all Brief Relief portable Waste Bags and come with a full-size soft foam toilet seat for added comfort.


Mining can be a tough and time-consuming process, but using the bathroom shouldn’t be. Check out how Brief Relief’s portable Waste Bags and Portable Restrooms can make a difference in miners’ workdays.