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How to Keep Workers Safe in Cold Temperatures

As the winter months approach, ensuring the safety and well-being of workers exposed to cold temperatures becomes a top priority for employers. Cold weather can pose significant risks to employees, ranging from frostbite and hypothermia to slips and falls on icy surfaces. Properly educating employees about the potential hazards and necessary precautions is crucial for […]

Ways Utilities Companies Can Reduce Workers’ Comp Claims

Accidents in the workplace are among the worst possible scenarios for utility companies. Workplace accidents can be harmful to an employee’s life in ways that go far beyond what they do on the job, and any good company strives to keep their employees safe, healthy, and happy.    But on-the-job injuries, especially those that result […]

Top Tech Tools for Truck Drivers

Technology always marches forward, and truck drivers have certainly benefited from technology advancements over the past couple of decades.    While technological advances surrounding location, mapping, and time logging have already transformed the way truckers work, trucking companies continue to adopt transportation tech as part of their day-to-day operations.    These advancements continue to help […]

How Disaster Relief is Handled in the Field

Wesco/Anixter is a leading provider of B2B distribution, logistics services, and supply-chain solutions. They also work in storm-related restoration efforts, particularly in the utilities business. A Fortune 200 company, they have 18,000 employees globally and $22 billion in revenue.   Working with major utility companies during natural disasters, including restoration efforts and the mitigation of […]

5 of the Latest Tools You Need to Include in Your Hurricane Prep Kit

When was the last time you updated your disaster prep kit? That is — if you have one at all. According to a 2020 Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) survey, only one in three people have an emergency supply kit. Having a well-stocked kit can make a big difference in the event of […]

Bathroom emergencies: When You Needed To Go But Couldn’t Find a Bathroom

For as long as people have been going to the bathroom, they’ve been having bathroom emergencies. Whether someone just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or they get stranded somewhere without access to facilities, there are painfully memorable times where they just couldn’t hold it.  When nature calls, there are […]

Helping Women Succeed in Male-dominated Jobs

For all the progress society has made over the years regarding gender equality in the workforce, some industries remain male-dominated. Construction, telecom, utilities, and even aviation (pretty much, the industries we work with) have a much higher percentage of men than women in the workforce, and it’s definitely harder for women to work in places […]

People Want to Know: How do Police Officers and Firefighters Use the Bathroom?

Brave police officers and firefighters put their lives on the line daily while protecting and serving. Having to think of so many important factors when it comes to saving lives, no one would ever imagine that one of life’s basic necessities would also have to factor into their thinking: where and how to use the […]

Best Vomit Bags for Your Business

There are a surprising number of businesses and industries where vomiting is a common occurrence.   Did you know that many surgical center patients experience Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting (PONV) after surgery? Typically occurring within the first 24 hours post-surgery, around 20-30 percent of patients find themselves vomiting, while approximately 50 percent of patients experience […]

Ideas for Keeping Delivery Drivers Safe

It’s no secret that we depend on the ease of at-home delivery services, especially since COVID darkened our doors. These days, we rely on package delivery services more than ever.  Drivers already face the almost impossible challenge of quickly delivering every single package on their trucks during a shift, but you may not realize how […]

Waste Bags and Portable Commodes Vs. Porta Potties

If you’ve ever been on a remote job site or had to use the restroom while working miles away from the nearest service station, we’re sure you’ll agree that Porta Potties are a ubiquitous portable toilet solution. Unfortunately, many workers find having to use them so unpleasant, they’ll actually hold it in to avoid using […]

When Delivery Drivers Have to Use the Bathroom: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It’s a simple fact that people love the convenience of at-home delivery services, especially since the dawn of the pandemic. These days, we’re relying more and more on delivery services.  Drivers already face enormous challenges when it comes to delivering every single package on their trucks during their shifts. Still, most people probably aren’t aware […]

Restroom Requirements for OSHA Compliance: Construction, Utilities, Mining, and More

When it comes to employee safety and sanitation across the construction, utility, and mining industries, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) prides itself in making sure employers walk a straight line. So, don’t just guess at OSHA’s regulations for restrooms (hefty fine, anyone?). Instead, let us share them with you. We’ll even provide you […]

Best Item to Include in an Electrician’s Tool Kit

From tending to a facility that’s lost power from a blown transformer to repairing an electrical malfunction in a residential home, going to the bathroom should be the least of an electrician’s worries. Yet it’s one that can cause the most hubbub.   Which is why the best tools for electricians have nothing to do […]

How Truck Fleets Can Reduce Fuel Costs

How Truck Fleets Can Reduce Fuel Costs

As of summer 2022, the average cost nationwide for a gallon of diesel fuel is $5.28—$2 higher than this time last year. In some states, like California, the price hike is even higher, with diesel prices reaching an average of $6.40 a gallon.  For owner-operators and others who foot the bill, this equates to $600 […]

How Utilities Companies Can Avoid PR Disasters

How Utilities Companies Can Avoid PR Disasters

Public Relations problems arise from actual problems. That’s right. PR crises often surface when there’s something fundamentally wrong within your business that’s brushed under the rug or ignored. And until that something’s addressed, you’ve got a ticking time bomb on your hands. Tick, Tick… But what if we said utilities companies can drastically reduce the […]

Why Disaster Prep Should Involve Putting Waste Bags in Supply Kits and Gear

Why Disaster Prep Should Involve Putting Waste Bags in Supply Kits and Gear

Without a doubt, there’s an increase in frequency and damage caused by major storms and tornadoes nationwide, such as the tornados that tore through Kentucky and the Midwest in December 2021 as well as the “superstorm” hurricanes.  Overall, 2021 was hailed as the second costliest year on record for the insurance industry ($145 billion) thanks […]

Why Telecom Workers Need Portable Toilets on the Job

Why Telecom Workers Need Portable Toilets on the Job

Long hours stuck in traffic. Endless drives to construction sites. Long, laborious hours installing new lines at remote utility service locations. While these typical stomping grounds of a telecom worker are fine and dandy, where’s one to take a whiz when needed?  Seems a bit dirty to admit, but indoor plumbing is a luxury everyone […]

The Real Cost of Employee Bathroom Breaks

The Real Cost Of Employee Bathroom Breaks

Bathroom breaks. The dirty, little secret no one likes to talk about that’s costing companies LOADS of money.  Make a stink and require employees to punch out to use the restroom, and you could get a hefty fine. Do nothing about bathroom breaks, and you’ll silently rack up thousands upon thousands of dollars in lost […]

Go When You Want to Go With Bin Door Buddy

Work Truck Driving on a Remote Dirt Road

With so many scenarios going on during this pandemic, ensuring job site safety in the workplace is key. It’s vitally important to not only train employees, but have control measures in place that prevent the spread of infection. There are multiple measures that can assist in ensuring job safety.

Portable Restrooms are Essential for Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane scene with trees bending and a lot of rain

With so many scenarios going on during this pandemic, ensuring job site safety in the workplace is key. It’s vitally important to not only train employees, but have control measures in place that prevent the spread of infection. There are multiple measures that can assist in ensuring job safety.

COVID 2nd Wave Need for Protection

Building site manager using corona practices

Have you overlooked your sanitation safety requirements from OSHA? You might be out of compliance, exposing your company to unnecessary risk.

How To Stay Safe And Hygienic During COVID-19

Aerial shot of Brief Relief Pee Bag, gloves, and safety goggles

In the age of this global COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for everyone to remain as healthy and hygienic as possible. While on the front line, first responders, FEMA & Red Cross workers, military personnel, utility and construction workers, and medical staff must interact with the general population.